Common Mistakes Students make while Studying in Exeter

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Examinations are meant to test the overall learning of the students. But, there are debates across the globe that if only the examinations should be or not made the basis of testing the learning of the students or not. As learning is a multidimensional aspect, it should be tested from different angles. In light of all the understanding, we have learned that examinations go a long way in determining the learning level of their students. Thus, thorough exam preparation is necessary for students in student accommodation Exeter.

Merely, working hard to get good marks in the examination is not enough. One must prepare well. This is the need of today’s time. Working smart as well as not hard is what the slogan works in the student’s circle. This strategy has some of the best records too. There are some common mistakes that most students make while preparing for the examinations.

Most of the time, such mistakes are made because of anxiety and stress. It can be also because of ignorance. In this article, there are some of the common mistakes that students make when studying for an examination. 

The last-minute rush in Exeter

Many of the students are guilty of leaving their studying until the last minute . It’s simple to prevent oneself from stumbling into a trap. A schedule for the two weeks prior to your exams can be simply made. Here is where you can quickly grab a free template. Depending on how far away and how lengthy your exams will be, you can easily change this.

It is simple to integrate all of your regular activities. You can schedule time for later to go shopping, buy food, return books to the library, and so on. Now you can understand how much time you have on your hand. How many hours are available for studying? You can remember to put in some amazing activities. The main benefit of planning ahead allows you time for relaxing which will make you’re studying more interesting. Keeping some definite amount of time in your hand is a lot more motivating for most people than just knowing not to leave everything for the last minute.

Prepare as per calculated mark

Often, you can hear the students talking about how they require to get a 90% on the examination to keep their final mark in the 80% range. Assigning a particular value to success might make it really hard for you to focus on preparation. If you give emphasis more on different conception and leave class with a sense of achievement, you can feel more content by examinations and you can perhaps be more likely to accomplish your grade objectives as well.

Keeping rote memorization over understanding

Whenever a student is unable to understand a concept even after trying very hard, they generally leave the whole concept of understanding and embrace the rote memorization technique at student accommodation Exeter. Rote memorization is one of the best ways to be. Your method to learning should be active and not flaccid. Rote memorization is one of the most passive ways of learning. In the long run, your memory will not keep this and your mind will get blank.


We all are aware of this. Be it checking Facebook, watching television, chatting with parents or friends, or some other thing. Often these things do not bother with if you actually had free time, but somehow they become fascinating when you have to study. So, when you are at your student accommodation Exeter, keep all the distractions away.

Multitasking in Exeter

Multitasking is another major issue. You try to do all your work at one time by constantly switching back and forth between the projects. This one problem is quite common during finals. Most of the students are really bad at multitasking. While they think they are focusing on 2 things at a time, they are actually switching between 2 tasks quite rapidly, meaning that the brain can adjust to work on either of the jobs. Unfortunately, the only way around this is to plan ahead. You need to create a study schedule ahead of time and figure out which days you will devote to which subject so that you can concentrate on one. You will be able to process the study material easily if you do not split your attention between two tasks. This way you will have more confidence in what you have learned.

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