Central Quay: An Ideal University Hall Property for International Students

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Sheffield, a city in South Yorkshire in England, has gained widespread popularity among international students in the past few years. Plenty of international students can be witnessed here every day. There are wonderful arrangements in this city for those students. Some excellent places for accommodation are available for them where they find several facilities as per their requirements and desires.

There are different categories of properties available for students in Sheffield. University halls are one of the most popular categories. University halls are complexes that are owned and managed by some universities themselves. One of the popular university halls that you can find today is Central Quay.

Central Quay comprises a number of facilities according to the needs and wishes of students. Let’s have a look at the facilities available in this university hall meant for student accommodation Sheffield.

Ensuite Rooms for the Stay of International Students

Ensuite rooms are the best options for students who love privacy. You can book an ensuite room in Central Quay. Ensuite rooms are located in an apartment in this accommodation hall. Each ensuite room has a private bathroom. But, kitchens and lounges are shared by all the residents of an apartment.

Study Desks and Chairs for Study Purposes

Students need a proper space for study purposes. This property is perfect in this area also. You may find a study desk and chair in your ensuite room where you can read books & course material and write notes with full comfort and concentration.

Study Room for Disturbance-Free Studies

Study features do not end with study desks and chairs. You also find a study room in Central Quay, which allows you to study without any disturbance. This room is very useful, especially on the examination days.

Communal TV for Entertainment, News, and Information

Entertainment is a necessary aspect of everyone’s life. Therefore, a communal television has been provided to students here on which they can watch their favorite TV serials, music shows, sports programs, etc., and can get entertainment. Besides, they can watch the news, discovery programs, devotional programs, etc. also.

Gym for Fitness

Fitness is also a necessary aspect for everyone without any doubt. For students, it is more necessary. It gives a good impression on others and strengthens your immune system. Moreover, a fit body is a source of a fit mind.

So, an in-house gym can also be found in this property. This gym comprises advanced machines for workouts of students.

Common Room to Meet Other Residents

Making new friends remains a wish of plenty of overseas students who visit Sheffield. You can befriend other residents of this property. There is a special common room available for this purpose.

Garden/Courtyard for Roaming and Getting Fresh Air

You can get the proximity of nature in the garden available in this property. In the garden/courtyard in Central Quay, you can roam and can inhale the fresh air, which is good for your health.

Wi-Fi Internet Connection for Various Purposes

The internet is required today for various purposes. Students need it prominently for their studies. They can complete their projects & assignments, attend online lectures, and can get help in their studies through text lessons and video tutorials. Moreover, they can also send and receive notes through the online communication channels. They can also use the internet for online shopping, communicating with family, entertainment, etc.

Therefore, students also find a Wi-Fi internet connection here through which they can connect the internet to all their devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Games Area for Fun

You can also have fun with games like pool and foosball in this property and can play friendly matches with other residents of the property.

Wheelchair Access and Parking Spaces

For students, who need a wheelchair, a wheelchair access facility is also available here. Besides, there are parking spaces for both big and small vehicles.

There is a space for car parking here. Moreover, you can also park your bicycle in the bicycle storage space available in this property.

24/7 Security Staff for the Safety of Students and Their Belongings

You and your belongings are fully safe in Central Quay. A 24/7 security staff is available here for security purposes.

Nearby Universities

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are the nearby universities from this property. The University of Sheffield is within 14-minutes’ walking distance from here. Sheffield Hallam University can be reached within 16 minutes on foot.

To Sum Up

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are several other features of Central Quay, which are perfect according to students’ needs. For instance, there is a laundry so you can get washed and up-to-date clothes. Besides, there are also the dining features such as a toaster, kettle, microwave, etc.

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